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August 24, 2015

@sarhenrythe8th shares her thoughts on some recent watches. 

Tig (2015)

A documentary that chronicles the aftermath of comedienne Tig Norato's now-famous set that began,  "I have cancer."

Within the space of a few months, Notaro was hospitalized for c-diff; had a serious break-up; suffered the loss of her mother, who died unexpectedly of a head injury; was diagnosed with breast cancer; and underwent a double mastectomy. 

The film documents the immense pressure she felt to live up the the "I have cancer" set, her struggle to have biological children through a surrogate, and her new relationship with fiancĂ©e Stephanie Allynne. 

Verdict: Worth watching. You really feel for Notaro and admire the way she turned a heap of shit into a comedy that people can both empathize with and laugh at.

In a World... (2013)

Written, directed by, and starring Lake Bell, this movie follows Carol, the daughter of a famous voice actor, as she attempts to break into the male-dominated field of voice acting.

While the premise is personally interesting (I've always secretly desired to be a voice actor), the movie's subplots detract from, rather than add to, the main plot. For example, Bell's onscreen random conflict-free romance with Dmitri Martin doesn't go anywhere nor does her sister's tumultuous relationship with her husband Rob Corddry. 

The climax was, well, anti-climactic. After a speech from his new young girlfriend, Carol's dad goes from a pouty baby (after losing a major voiceover to his daughter) to suddenly being proud of her, and Carol goes on to coach other women to speak like the professionals they actually are.

Verdict: Skip it. There are much, much cooler and more interesting independent films out there. Plus, this film squanders its great supporting cast (Dmitri Martin, Nick Offerman, Tig Notaro, and Stephanie Allynne) on bit parts that don't matter to the plot all that much. 

Kung-Fu Hustle (2004)

When I was watching, I kept saying, "What the fuck is happening?" But afterward, I thought, "I would totally watch that again." 

The film focuses on a would-be criminal trying to join the notorious Axe Gang before realizing he's actually a Kung-Fu master. In fact, almost everyone in this film is a Kung-Fu master with hilarious results.

Verdict: Definitely watch. The stunt work is amazing and enhanced by the special effects, and the wide shots allow you to appreciate the action sequences. 

Women Aren't Funny (2014)

Comedienne Bonnie Macfarlane (of Last Comic Standing) attempts to prove women are funny by complaining for an hour about how people don't think women are funny.

Instead of looking into any scientific research or even polling a significant number of the general population, she asks a few comedians and laypeople if women are funny. Spoiler alert: most men say that women aren't funny, and most women say they are. 

She also attempts to interview Christopher Hitchens in the wake of his Vanity Fair article, also entitled "Women Aren't Funny," but he dies before the meeting. 

Verdict: Not worth the time I spent watching it. It actually had me saying, "Women aren't funny" and wishing women would prove they're funny by just being funny and not by shouting, "I'm funny, right?" and expecting everyone else to validate them. 

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